Updating our Cookie Component (GDPR)

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to have a more strict cookie policy in place.

Until now, compliance with the EU Cookie law simply meant placing a statement at the bottom or top of your website, that lets the user know cookies are being used. You might be familiar with the famous phrase “By using this website, you accept cookies” or something similar. This informed users that cookies were used, it’s true, but it did not give them an alternative option.

The GDPR that goes into effect on May 25th, 2018 aims to change this, by giving users a real and informed choice.

If you don’t have any Cookie Component in place and want to make use of the inSided Cookie Component you can contact support@insided.com to have it set up for your community.

According to GDPR what needs to change?
  1. Users must have a choice in which level of cookies they want to accept. The fact that they use a website does not mean they agree to all cookies.
  2. Consenting to cookies needs to be a clear affirmative action.
  3. Opt-out should be in place. Users should be able to withdraw consent as easily as they gave it.
What have we done to become compliant?
We updated our Cookie Component. Until now, visitors could only accept cookies. But users did not know which cookies they accepted. We now provide 3 cookie levels for users: Basic, Normal, Complete. Users can select which cookies they want to accept. Community members and non-members can change their cookie preferences by deleting them via the internet options of your browser and visiting the community again. You will then be asked to choose your settings again.

Cookie levels
  1. Basic = only functional cookies are applied that are needed to make the community work
  2. Normal = functional cookies + analytics. We will activate Google Analytics to gather data anonymously
  3. Complete = functional cookies + analytics + social media + embedded videos. This is the full experience, all features and functionalities of the community will work.
How does it work
When a visitor enters your community he will see the Cookie Component as a banner, at this stage we set Cookie level 1: Basic.

When the visitor continues browsing the component will stay in place and the user remains in Cookie level 1: Basic.

When the visitors clicks the Accept button we will set him to Cookie level 3: Complete

When the visitor clicks the cookie settings url a modal will appear in which he can set his cookie level. The pre-filled and preferred level is set to 3: Complete

What do you need to do?
If your community is making use of the inSided Cookie Component it will automatically be updated to the latest version. We will add information about our Cookie Policy in your community Terms & conditions page (which can be found on www.community-name.com/site/terms). No action is needed on your end, but if you wish you can change the phrases to anything you like.

If you don’t have any Cookie Component in place and want to make use of the inSided Cookie Component you can contact support@insided.com to have it set up for your community.

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@Yoeri Hi! I would like to understand how it's possible for user to switch off the advertising cookies on Community website? Is it necessary to go to Google/ FB pages to opt-out of those cookies? Is user obliged to log in to FB to reject the cookies? Users must be able to reject cookies on our community page, correct?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Hey Kat, let me get the right information from the development team. I need to know more details about how the cookies are set up in your community. Let me get back to you when I have more information 🙂
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@Yoeri Could you as well check how exactly user can disable the cookies from the profile settings?
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I have more information 😉 The inSided platform does not make use of advertising cookies. The only way these type of cookies can appear on your community is when they are included via other scripts and sources. As far as we can see there are some facebook and google analytics cookies included via google tag manager in your case.

Users can reject cookies on the community website. Upon the first visit, users can select their preferred Cookie level as described above. Although mentioned above it's not possible to change cookies in profile settings (we've updated description).

Once the user selects their preferred Cookie level our platform sets a cookie called "cookiePrivacyLevel" which says what level of cookies the user selected. Possible values are "required", "anonymous", "all". With this information you should be able to map the cookies your company is using to work with the levels we set, this can be done via our Third Party Scripts tool.

All users (anonymous visitors and community members) can change their cookie preferences at any time. First, they need to clear their cookies from their browser. This How to Clear Cookies guide gives a good explanation of how to do this per browser. When cookies are cleared users can set their new cookie preferences again when they revisit the community website.
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@Yoeri Hi Yoeri. I just realized the information in the article above is still not updated. Users cannot update the cookies settings from their community profile.
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@Kat Good spot, I've just updated this so it now contains the correct information