Using Insided Points for actual purpose

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi there!


We currently have points set up in our platform to see super users and to track activity. However, we face the problem that we do not see customer’s extrinsic desire to earn points because there is no reward for them. Does anyone have ideas of how to utilize points for something within the insided platform or a third party site we can use to make sure these points could go to cool rewards like company merch, discounts, gift cards, etc? Thanks!

7 replies

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While there is nothing native that would support this, you could easily have an article that lays out a program of thresholds and reward items based on those thresholds versus a model where people exchange points for rewards as a short-term option.

I love the approach Reddit has for this where points are used towards things that level up your community capabilities and have also seen implementations of third-party rewards tools and platforms to manage things like this.

Hi @Scott Baldwin 

Thanks for the response! That sounds like a great idea. Would you consider then a pinned topic that has an outline of all reward tiers and items that can be achieved per point total? Is there a way for users to view how many points they have in their account?


I would love to hear more about these things that level up your community capabilities as well as can you tell me some of these implementations of third-party rewards tools and platforms to manage things like this.



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Either a pinned topic or you could feature that in the sidebar using the featured_side moderator tag or even make it a featured topic on your homepage. The leaderboard does show a list of points stack ranked but the profile does not display how many points they have.

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As for tools that have been used in communities for rewards:

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I actually spoke to a Community Manager earlier this week who is planning to use this service for incentives on his community:

Thanks for the ideas and responses @Scott Baldwin and @Julian !

Would love to know your thoughts on implementing something like this native to Insided and the benefits it could have. Currently have been looking into Sendoso as a reward system as well.

Having trouble exporting total data of our community and their members’ points onto a spreadsheet and viewing all users as opposed to top 1000 in leaderboard and manual input. Would love some assistance on that. Thanks!

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I’d suggest adding it as an idea @alex.hong -- that’s the path to getting it on the community’s and product’s radar at inSided. I’m sure some others would have similar needs.