Should we throw virtual events during the work day or after?

  • 27 September 2022
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Hi all! 


Throwing a virtual event for our most engaged users and I’m wondering if we would have more success throwing it during the work day or at 5 PM etc (after the work day).


It’s a networking & strategy sharing session if that helps!


Thanks, looking forward to your advice! 

4 replies

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I’d say during the day,. If you’re in the US, in the afternoon ET. That way it’s closer to lunch hour PT and you can hit all 4 time zones. Otherwise, even if you choose evening, you’re likely to hit other time zones during the day (or worse: commuting hours).

From my experience, professional communities host nearly all virtual events during the day. It’s pretty common practice for webinars to be hosted during the day and virtual networking and strategy sharing isn’t much different. 

While during the day offers conflicts with meetings and other work priorities, those are easier to rearrange than family and personal commitments or interests. And most businesses will support professional development for their staff, so attending a virtual event during the workday shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

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Hi @ddpancratz


Coming in to save the day with more valuable insightful! Thanks for sharing this with me, very informative! 




Hey @Taylor Tarpley, I agree with @ddpancratz!

I would love to hear more about what you plan to do in this session if you’d be willing to share 🙂 Thanks!

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I’d suggest asking your community what works for them (a good use of polls). We’ve had luck with both, but depends on whom you’re trying to reach and where they are located. For us, most work best during the day:

  • 12pm PT gets you 3pm ET - lunch on West Coast, coffee time East Coast
  • 9am PT gets you 12 ET - a chill start to the day on the West Coast and lunch on the East Coast
  • But if you are including customers in EMEA and also want North America, you’ll probably want 8am PT which will be before lunch on the East Coast and toward end of day EMEA.