How to make login easier ?

  • 15 October 2018
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Hi all, i'm hopping other CM's can help me :)

I want to submit a idea about making the login process easier, but i just don't know what would help.
I only know i would really benefit from it.

The problem:
I notice that making an account or logging in is a big barrier for a lot of people. I get complains very often. And see that often other programs work better if i want a specific reaction from people.

For example:
I asked via e-mail to a bunch of customers if they want to write a review in a certain topic about one of our products.

  • A lot of people clicked on the link in de email to go to the topic to write a review. But less than 10% wrote the review.
  • I also tried it with a direct link to a online survey, this worked way better. So i think logging in is to difficult. (I don't want this, because then other customers can't read te reviews)
( We have login via SSO and e-mail)

Does anybody have a idea to improve the login process?

3 replies

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Maybe a reply option as 'guest'?

Just reply with a name and mailadres?
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Hi @Tanja,

I have moved your question to the 'Gamification, activation & super users' category. This is the perfect place to discuss with other community managers and the inSided customer success managers.
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Hey @Tanja We only ask for minimal information at sign up as we don't want to put people off getting involved.

I get where you are coming from, but for me, I'm not sure how a "guest" option would work? I'd worry that the majority of customers would then use that as default i.e lazy....and then you would not be able to try and form meaningful relationships/engagement with these users.

In energy we have found it difficult to get people to engage, but when we have tried a super targeted approach we found it removes the barrier to get users to sign up as they want to as its something super relevant to them. I think if you email a larger group about more general topics you will get less people actually signing up unless there is something in it for them, or its something they are already engaged or interested in...!

Just my thoughts of course, every business is different but hope this helps in some way.