Do contributions in private groups count towards ranks?

  • 20 July 2021
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Someone remind me, please. Contributions towards private groups will count towards gamification ranks, yes? 

You choose to add the groups to badges, but for ranks - it applies automatically?


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4 replies

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hi @Kgastaldo. Private group activity is currently contributing to ranks, unfortunately. There is an idea here to remove private group activity from contributing to rankings. I recommend voting on the idea and posting your use case because our product team is currently improving the groups module and accepting feedback. I would even recommend tagging our Product Manager, Marion Frecaut, in your comment, as your feedback would be valuable to her. 


I hope this helps! If so, feel free to mark my reply as “best answer”. 

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I actually want activity in a couple private groups to contribute to rank, but I see the need for the option to choose. Thanks for clarifying!

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@Kgastaldo In that case, I would definitely add your comments to the idea, explaining the importance to have choice between rankings being applied or not, similar to how some categories can be excluded from ranks. With your feedback, maybe they will build  a check box that allows users to allow or disallow the group content to be contributed toward ranks. 


Contributions towards private groups WILL NOT count towards gamification ranks and badges.

Contributions towards public groups WILL count towards gamification ranks and badges.


Unlike community boards that have a toggle to allow contributions for gamification groups do not. Therefore effectively a public group is like having the toggle turned on and a private group is like having the toggle turned off