Badge Configuration: how are answers different from replies

  • 8 February 2022
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Wish there was a glossary that explained how a “reply” is different from an “answer” — but just to confirm, an “answer” is counted when a user’s comment is marked a “best answer” correct? 


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Replies include for all topic types (questions, conversations, ideas, articles, product updates). 

Answers include only replies to questions that are marked as the correct answer for that question. 

So when it comes to badges here’s how it might be in practice (how I used at a previous community): 

You might have a “conversationalist” badge for users who reply frequently. You could trigger it based on total replies and award it when they get to 25 replies, regardless of question/conversation/idea or category (forum/group) where that was asked. 

You might also want an “answer hero” badge for users who provide correct answers.  You could trigger it when someone gets to 10 answers provided. 

Note: Badges allow you to award based on those things within a specific location like a community category or a group.