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  • 25 October 2017
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There are several tools that can be used to gather data from your community: inSided analytics tool, Google Analytics, Omniture, Coosto, Tracebuzz, Buzzcapture, and many more.

These tools can also be used to compare your community data to your other social channels and website. This document focuses on the process of how to create a report based on the inSided analytics tooling and gives a brief description of data that can be derived from Google Analytics. If you work with other tooling, please consult your Community Consultant.

inSided analytics tool

The inSided analytics tool can be found in your control environment in the navigation on the left side of the page (see figure 2). On the export page you’ll find a variety of downloadable exports. It is possible to get reports of the activity by exporting report files of a specific timeframe. There are 8 different exports:
  • Post
  • Topic
  • Private messages
  • User
  • Moderator action
  • Login
  • Mark as answer

Post export

This export provides a list of all posts. A post is either a topic or a comment. This export can be used to analyse for example:
  • Posts created per timeframe (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Posts created per user (rank)
  • Posts created per category set or category
  • Most commented on topics (created in timeframe)
  • Most active users

Topic export

Offers a list of all topics created and can be used to analyse for instance:
  • Topics created per timeframe
  • Topics created per user(rank)
  • Topics created per category set/category
  • Created topics per type (question or discussion) per timeframe
  • Most viewed topics (created in timeframe)
  • Most commented on topics (created in timeframe)
  • Topics with a label

Private message export

The private messages export provides an overview of all two way messages communication, but not the content from the conversation itself. This export can be used to determine:
  • Private messages sent per timeframe
  • Amount of private messages sent or received by moderators (in timeframe)

User export

Gives an overview of all user information from participants who have registered in this time range, including the amount of topics, comments, answers given, likes received and all filled in profile fields per user. This export can be used to:
  • Create an overview of the filled in profile fields (for email segmentation)
  • Create a database analysis
  • Create conversion rates to measure the activity of users

Moderator actions export

The moderator actions export provides a list of all moderator activities on the platform, which can determine:
  • The type of moderator actions performed per timeframe
  • The amount of moderator actions per moderator

Login export

The login export provides a list of all users who have logged in, within this specific time range. This export can be used to analyse for example:
  • Logins per timeframe
  • Logins per module (forum or control)
  • Logins per user(rank)

Mark as answer export

  • The mark as answer export provides an overview of all topics that were marked as having an answer by either the moderator, a super user or the topic author.

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What I would expect from the user report is ALL activity during a date range, regardless of registration date. Is there a way to do that, or does it have to be an *all time* export in order to get that info?