Select which categories to display in the Embeddable Widget

  • 15 June 2022
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There are some use cases where you’d like to show content in the Embeddable Widget that is hidden on the community, such as product documentation or categories that are only available for users with a certain role. 

To make sure customers see specific categories in the Embeddable Widget irrespective of their role and them being logged into the community, you can go to Integrations > Embeddable Widget > Setup. You’ll find the option to manually select categories to show in the Widget visibility section.


Frequently asked questions

  • If a customer opens the link to a non-public article from the Embeddable Widget, will it open in a new tab on the community? 
    Yes, but the users needs to be either logged in on the community to see it, or have the (custom) role that the content is made visible for.

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