How To Enable Only The In-page Widget (Disable The Conversational Widget Trigger)

  • 13 September 2018
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Only want to use the in-page widget? No problem! From Control, you can easily disable the button that opens the conversational widget (aka: the ‘trigger’), so that it doesn’t show up on your website.

How To Enable Only The In-page Widget

  1. Go to Control Integrations  EMBEDDABLE WIDGET Setup
  2. Under Widget visibility. disable the Conversational widget switch.
  3. Press Save changes, and you’re done! The button for the conversational widget will no longer display on pages where you’ve installed the embed code.


⚠️ Disabling the conversational widget in Control only disables the trigger. If you install the in-page widget, then when your website visitors click a topic it will still open in the conversational widget.

💎 If you haven’t followed the steps to install the in-page widget, then you can ignore the switch in Control to disable it - the in-page widget doesn’t appear by default.

🎯 Need to disable the in-page widget, but (for whatever reason) can’t remove the embed code? No problem - you can just turn it off directly in Control!

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