Access and limits for Email Campaigns

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We’re currently rolling out the beta for Email Campaigns to more users. If you don’t have access to this feature yet, stay tuned!


The Email Campaigns feature is included in all packages (Professional, Business and Enterprise). However, for each package, there is a limit to the amount of registered users included in Email Campaigns. This means that you can use Email Campaigns if the number of registered users on your instance does not exceed the limit for your package.


The user limits are:

  • Professional: 10,000 registered users

  • Business: 25,000 registered users

  • Enterprise: 100,000 registered users


If your instance exceeds the registered user limit for your package, but you would still like to have access to the Email Campaigns feature, please talk to your CSM to either increase the limits, or upgrade to another package.


Fair usage limits

As a rule of thumb, the amount of emails you can send per month is the amount of registered users multiplied by five. For instance, for the Business package, you can address 25,000 registered users, so you can send a maximum of 125,000 emails per month. 

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