How To Configure The Keyword Blocker

  • 14 October 2020
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How to configure the keyword blocker

Note: you must be have the community manager/administrator primary role to configure this rule.

  1. Go to Control > Settings > Pre-moderation Rules.
  2. Under ‘Keyword blocker’, turn on the switch.
  3. Add a list of keywords that you’d like to block in topics and replies.
  4. Press save changes.
  5. You’re all set!

Multi-word phrases are not currently supported in the keyword blocker.

The keyword blocker does not currently support topics/replies for the (new) ideation & product updates modules.

How to moderate posts blocked by the keyword blocker

  1. Go to Control > Content > Pending Posts.
  2. Select the post
  3. Choose one of the following actions:
    • Approve (publish the topic/reply to the community)
    • Mark as spam (trash the topic/reply and ban the user)
    • Move to trash (simply trash the topic/reply)

⚙️ More details around how the rule works

  • The keyword blocker uses an exact match. (e.g. duck keyword matches duck but not ducking or motherducker).

  • Words in topics/replies are split by whitespace - whitespace/punctuation are also removed from these split words.

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