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  • 1 August 2022
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Like any org, we have a bit of turnover. To cut down on the frustration caused by messaging or at mentioning someone who no longer works for the company, we’ve created a “former employee” role. 

I have a custom role called “former employee” that contains no more rights than a normal registered user. I don’t want to prevent former employees from using the site (as some eventually go on to work as customers/partners) and I don’t want to delete users and have lots of “anonymous” content floating around. 

When an employee leaves, I remove their employee custom role and replace with former employee custom role. 

I also added a rank to our gamification (at every level) to include “Rank (Former Employee)” - so that you can still see their actual rank, but know they aren’t an employee anymore. These ranks have the same requirements with or without the former employee title - so you can be a “Hero” or “Hero - Employee” or “Hero - Former Employee” - and it’s displayed on your profile and in your posts:



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Hey @Kgastaldo , great to hear this method is working smoothly for you - that is exactly how our team at inSided recommend to do this for former employees. 

We actually have a tutorial that explains how to achieve this and some more information you might find useful