Add a Typeform Survey To Your Topic

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Fancy doing some research and gathering the voices of your customers? Typeform is here to help. Adding a Typeform survey to topics is as easy as embedding a video.


How To Add a Typeform Survey To Your Topic

  1. Create a new topic (either via Control or directly in the community)
  2. In the topic Description press the Embed media icon
  3. Paste your Typeform URL and press Insert
  4. When the topic is posted your Typeform survey will now be embedded in your post.

An example of a Typeform Survey in a topic can be found in this topic: Retiring the survey module - Announcing integration with Typeform

If you are unsure about how Typeform handles data security and privacy you may find the information you need in one of the following FAQ’s:

If you don't want to store the data on TypeForm servers, you can use the Responses API to send the data somewhere else AND delete the data from their platform (and servers). The data will be erased immediately from their main servers and will be deleted from their backup servers after 30 days.

Make sure your Typeform survey is set to public if you want your users to participate.

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Hi @Frank , Im trying to embed a typeform following these steps but I can’t do it. 

See below the message I get cc @Yoeri 

Am I missing something?



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Looks like it’s a private form, when I enter the URL I see this message:

“Sorry, you can't access this typeform until its creator says so.” can you try to make the form public and embed it then? :)

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Great, thanks Yoeri. I’ll try that. I’ve got another question about frame size. Most of the typeforms we have embedded don’t fit within the predetermined frame (length), so we are keen to see if we can change the size to fit the typeform screen. 

See example below so you know what I mean.  



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It’s not possible to change the height of embedded media on our end. Maybe within Typeform itself you have additional embedding options such as configuring the height.

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It’s not possible to change the height of embedded media on our end. Maybe within Typeform itself you have additional embedding options such as configuring the height.

We can’t change configuration when sharing as a link, only if we share it with our standard embed code. The default embed size may suit video but not typeforms. 

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Does this still work?

I get a generic message saying the domain is not supported. There is no ‘public’ or ‘private’ option I can find in typeform. 

Additionally, the free typeform only allows 10 responses per month now - perhaps its time to think about integrating microsoft or google forms or something.

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Hi Dandre, it works for me. The error message might be related to the URL you are using to embed the Tyepform. I grabbed this example from the Typeform site to embed below:


I just tried.

In the editor, I can see the preview:


but, in the posted page, there’s the link to the typeform:


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Did you accept the maximum set of cookies for the community? If you do not accept the highest level of cookies the inSided platform won’t show media embeds but rather it’s URL. Can you open that testtopic in a private browser, accept all cookies and see if the Typeform will appear then (I just added your typeform to a test topic and I could see it.)


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Is there a way to use “hidden fields” with type form?

We are wanting to create a poll but do not want our users to have to self-identify.


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Thanks for stepping in Scott. This is indeed more a Typeform question rather than an inSided question :)