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  • 3 January 2017
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I was wondering which performance indicators (KPI's) you guys use to show the importance of your community.

I'm looking into using the Insided conversion funnel for our KPI's, so the conversion from visitor to registration as a KPI, from registration to first activity, etc.

Do you think this could work? Or do you have other good ideas?


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5 replies

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Hey Jolien!

to be sure, do you mean kpi's to show the importance / business value of the community or kpi's to show the development?

The first one we use to call 'goals' . For Tele2 these are callreduction, improvements and insights and NPS. Each goal has underlying kpi's such as % found answer, # of visitors etc.

We have described these goals and kpi's in the 2016 OGSM plan. A few of them has to be refined and further quantified for 2017 though.

We can discuss these further offline?

Or maybe I totally misunderstood your question, in that case I trust in the wisdom of the crowd to give you the right answer 😉
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Hi Jolien,

I guess it depends on the target group within the organization you want to share the KPI's with. You mention that you want to show the importance of the community, with what purpose and for which people is this meant? Maybe that helps in the answers you will receive.

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Thanks for your reply Bart. Those are indeed the goals we have set up together, however, I'm trying to find goals/KPI's I can have a bigger influence on, as a community manager. For example by changing the look & feel of our community and the tone of voice of our moderators (these are just examples). Or by changing the welcome email.

Last year we chose the number of reactions. which was a bad choice. We now know that this number goes up when there's something wrong (outage or someting). NPS and call reduction: my influence to steer these goals every month is limited. Big outage: lower NPS.
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Hi Jolien!

A lot of KPI's are hard to influence indeed ...

Especially NPS is tainted by the negative experiences people have often had with a (Telecom) brand before and during their forum visit.

I'm not sure if you're using Usabilla, but if you are, they can show you some cool tricks to get some more insights about people's opinions during their visit, beyond a simple NPS score.

Something that can push your visits and registrations are integrations in your website and its knowledge base.
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As mentioned above, we also look at top level business goals, an important and obvious one for our peer-to-peer service community being 'self-care' i.e. the ratio of community visitor volumes to Care volumes on other channels.

Underneath that, we arrived at a set of measures based on fundamental / core community data (so not exit survey data, though that is also very useful). We call this 'community health'. The idea is that each metric speaks to one important element of what makes a community 'healthy' (and thereby likely to achieve top-level business goals). The ones that we look at are:

Membership - Community growth through registrations
Traffic - Passive traffic (unique visitors / sessions)
Content - Total posts (including topics)
Peer-to-peer - % of answers provided by non-employees, and % of total posts from superusers
Liveliness - Average posts per day, per forum (most useful when you break this down per forum)
Responsiveness - Average minutes for any post to get a response

We don't have hard targets set for all of these, but they're all useful indicators. The bottom two are especially good for validating if your community structure is working well i.e. you will typically have areas on the community where liveliness and responsiveness are very strong, and areas where they're weak, indicating that some corrective action can be helpful.