Watch our new video on Sense of Community

  • 24 May 2017
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From now onwards we will discuss interesting and challenging aspects of community management. We kick-off our videos with a topic that is essential for community managers and community success: Sense of Community

Don't hesitate to leave your comments or questions below and remember that you can learn how to measure Sense of Community by visiting our Knowledge Base

2 replies

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Check out our second release of the inSided Whiteboard on this topic
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Hi again @Daniel!

On our EBR we took a look on this indicator. It´s nice to hear that we can also measure it by ourselves :)

However, we are having troubles doing step 2) and 3). We aren´t able to select that specific box "Add data".

Can you help? Do I need to transform the csv file in "text to column"? And then insert a table?

Got it! you need to save to another format than csv :)