The Fórum NOS community reaches 100,000 registered users

  • 16 March 2023
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The Fórum NOS by Insided reaches the mythical mark of 100,000 members! 🎯 💯

We have been making history for 6 years... today that history is written by more than 100,000 users.

Today we celebrate with you the milestone that we achieved together. 


A milestone that makes us especially proud!

There are 100,000 reasons to be closer
There are 100,000 causes to leave the best experience
There are 100,000 reasons to do better


The community Fórum NOS

The Fórum NOS is available to any user who can consult information, participate by exposing opinions and knowledge, share doubts or general questions about NOS products and services and help the community.
We also provide a harmonious place for conversation that facilitates interaction and help between the community on the most varied topics of the NOS and telecommunications universe.

Get to know our community better.


We thank the entire InSided team for their support and dedication. 😊

We count on you to grow even more. Together we will grow the Community. 💪

5 replies

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@Miguel V. That is FANTASTIC news! 

Congratulations on the success and continued value you provide to you users!!


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Hi @Miguel V., AWESOME!

Proud to be a partner in this 💙 Love to see how far you guys have come with the NOS community, and still going strong. Keep up the good work. Congrats! On to the next 100k 🚀

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Congrats @Miguel V.! This is awesome! 

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Congratulations, @Miguel V. !!

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Congratulations @Miguel V. 

Upwards and onwards! 🔥