How do you measure the productivity of your moderators?

  • 30 March 2017
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Working in a contact centre environment, we are currently tracking amount of time spent on the forum by the moderator team, but how do you measure how productive they are being? For any other action, we can measure CPD, contacts per day etc, but with forum that's more tricky.

I know the team and making the best use of their time, but how do I demonstrate this to the rest of the business. We've bounced several ideas around but have yet to find a solution!!

Any help would be appreciated!!


3 replies

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Hi Darran,

I think moderator actions report combined with the amount of comments published and PMs processed quite show what a moderator does. And this info is very easy to process.

@ inSided : is it technically possible to include Modtags & public tags as actions in this report?
What about post fields actions?

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Hi Will

Thanks for the reply, appreciate that. I have run the report, I guess in a Call Centre environment, the balance of how quick it is to send a PM, versus a more complex question that needs a detailed answer, versus writing a new piece of content. Just trying to get the balance right to ensure the guys are measured fairly against our KPI's for individuals.

Need to rethink how to successfully measure overall performance when part of the role is focused on speed and contacts per day, versus forum which is more of a mix of content and interaction types.

Darran 🙂
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Great question Darran.

From my perspective, I'd argue that especially such support communities like yours should be aiming for one-to-many contact and customers helping customers, preferably. If you can succeed better in implementing those strategies, call reduction and customer satisfaction would go up, with even less intervention from your moderating/webcare team over time. From this, one could imply that more private messages sent by moderators, or even more tags added or replies given, would mean the community is not yet that effective, meaning less self-organized. Mature communities perform better in this regard.

By reporting on the metrics that are desirable, for example % topics solved by community members (perhaps vs. those solved by moderators vs. not solved at all) or increased NPS (using exit surveys) one could track community success over time. Curious to hear your take on this! ☺️

@ inSided : is it technically possible to include Modtags & public tags as actions in this report?
What about post fields actions?

Thanks Will, that's an interesting request which I will share within our product group!