How Are Community Managers Measuring Benchmark for Page Views?

  • 3 December 2020
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After doing a lot of initial research and digging around for industry standards, I found it really hard to pinpoint an exact benchmark goal for average page views/user. I’m curious to know how other people are approaching this type of metric, or if they’re really measuring it or just comparing against themselves? I know that this is pretty different across the board for all industries and more/less engaged communities probably play a factor too- but just trying to get a sense of what others think. 

For reference, we just launched our Community just shy of three weeks ago, and our average page views/user is 5.4 


Any insight or thoughts is greatly appreciated! 

3 replies

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Thanks for sharing this really good question with us! :)

I feel that page views / user is one of those metrics that can be interpreted in different ways:

  • In a support-focused community, you might want to have a low page views / user KPI. It would be an indication that users find answers to their questions fast, without having to browse the community a lot.
  • In an engagement-focused community, you rather want to have a high page views / user KPI. Here it is desired that users visit more pages, discover great content and connect to other users.

I see the same case for bounce rate (so users leaving the site again quickly), but this might be a different subject...

For a new community, having a page views / user score above 5 sounds good to me - it would be a sign that users are browsing around in the community and are discovering all areas and content. This KPI is most likely to drop over time, as more and more users (re-)visit your community. From what I remember, most support-focused communities have a score of 2-3 page views per user, but that is just my gut feeling.

Unfortunately we have not tracked this in our benchmarking this year, but I am happy to have a look and share some findings with you. This might take a little while as I have to visit many different communities for it - but I am also curious to learn what the average here is, also depending on focus / size / age of the community!

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Thank you!

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I would add that the number of page views would also be linked to the type of community.

As mentioned by @Julian a support community would be happy with a low page view count. This. means users are finding what they want. If combined wit ha reduced ticket count.

Otherwise low page views with increased. tickets just means. no answers being found.


In a community of practice, where you are sharing thought leadership and information. The more page views you have are probably a good sign of engaging content and therefore a sign of success.