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  • 27 February 2017
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Dear inSpired community,

I am struggeling and are desperate for help!

In my Telco-world the numbers is the key to get ressources and survival. Unfortunately, my exit-survey is providing me no help, and i was hoping that we could share experiences on how to make a proper exit-survey.

Our current situation is this: almost 10.000 users had the survey presented this month, but only about 70 users actually filled it out. The low amount of replies makes it difficult to gather feedback and improve, but it also looks horrible on reports when resolutionrate and customer satisfaction can move 10-15 percentage points each month for no specific reason.

The survey-behaviour is currently the same we use across the website

30 seconds on a page and then move the mouse towards the top (40% of the time)

5 Pageviews (60% of the time).

I was speculating, if it would make sense to customize the survey so it would fit the user-behaviour/journey based on last-touch-channel. Eg:

1. If the user enters the community from a search-engine it would have a specific behaviour.
2. If the user have created a topic/comment the survey should not be presented, but instead sent in a link with the email-notification.
3. Specific pages such as create topic, search page etc. should not present surveys (would not create more replies, but would remove an irritating survey until the user is done)

How is your survey working? And have you had any succes improving the results by adjusting it to the user-journey?

Really hope to get your feedback on this! And although I exaggerated a bit in the beginning (we will survive!), it is really valueable for us to compare our customer satisfaction through all channels, but at the same time, we are considering to remove the survey as it currently just seems like a bad user-experience taken the numbers above into consideration.

Best Regards

2 replies

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Hi Nikolaj,

We have our exit survey running for about 1 month. We have around 6,5k users and more than 250 responses so far. Although we are on the very beginning yet, we can share what we have designed so far.

Our survey is very simple, in a way that we “just” want to measure the potential call deflection and NPS. For that, we have two possible ways (the text is not 100% this one, but I think you can understand the point):

In terms of rules are quite the same as yours. We do have a quarantine period, so that the same user won´t be intercept twice in 15 days.

Hope it helped in some way. Feel free to ask any more questions 🆒
Hi Tomás,

Thank you for sharing.

I really like that you keep the survey simple. Our survey is alligned with the entire website, so we have 8 choices in the first step "Purpose of visit":
  • Buy a product
  • Search information about a product i may purchase
  • Use selfservice
  • Get help to my product
  • Get help to mail, selfservice or Entertainment services
  • Use my mail
  • Use entertainment
  • Other

I guess it would be a good thing to customize the community-survey, so it wouldnt contain all the unnessesary questions, which could seem overwhelming to the user :)

Thanks again,

Best regards