How do I delete a Group?

  • 18 June 2021
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Hi - I’m new to inSided and building out the structure of my community. How do I delete existing groups that have been created?




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Go to Control > Platform > Groups

Select the group

Click the delete button at the bottom


If you have content in that group you’ll have to delete or move that before you can delete the group. 

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Thank you @Scott Baldwin!

Hi there - I tried to delete a group but it says i have 3 more content within the group. I checked the content overview and doesn’t seem like I have anymore articles that’s published in the group. 

Anyone know how to solve this?

Thank you!

@jingqi.wu there must be content then in the group. Double check that you are filtering for the content published in the group. Are there maybe featured topics attached to the group?

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Hi @jingqi.wu !

Can you also please check the Trash Can section in Control and see if those articles are still there? After deleting them from there it should allow you to delete the group. This is a bug and being validated.



Thank you Scott and Ravi. I emptied the trash and it allowed me to delete the group

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OK so I have an interesting twist to this problem. I was creating groups in our community and somehow saved the group name as blank, which means I cannot click into it now to delete it or edit it @Ravi or @Scott Baldwin any tips or suggestions?

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Hi @KrisGoose,

A neat trick is to just go to the page via the URL. I saw the Group Number was 66 so went to it and edited the name to something temporary.

You should be able to go to it from the groups overview and change the name!

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@Ravi - you da best!