Pimping up your website using interactive community integrations

  • 25 October 2018
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Injecting interactive functionalities into your online channels takes the customer journey to a whole new level. Regardless of the type of interface - whether it’s a chat-based search assistant or a customer portal channel - smart and real-time community interactions, will enable extensive use of your user-generated content, and will even help add to it.

One of the powerful use cases is harnessing search results; This means adopting community answer results into your web and app search engines for service questions. Depending on the search engine used, this social layer can be built using either real-time API topic search queries or cached results which are updated regularly by API. Another method could be to apply third-party indexing and listing of community search results, using a service like Google Enterprise Search.

A good example of this integration is what Simyo has implemented. Community content is integrated into their search result; shown both on the live search as well as in the search page where users can filter the search result to community content.

Also on Koodoo help page, searching community content is integrated:

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