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  • 26 January 2018
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Injecting dynamic community content into your customer facing channels

Improving the customer journey by making use of real-time community content has virtually no limits.

Many applications can be considered. To drive conversion, for example, preselected testimonials could be shown on product pages. These will demonstrate social proof and authenticity. Alternatively, listing some recently answered questions can strengthen the service community by demonstrating its problem-solving capabilities and around-the-clock activity, among other things. While the first example leverages community content without distracting the customer from its purchase funnel, the latter example could trigger a visit to the community.

Starting with the essentials

Use case: social activity

Typically, the first dynamic community content integrations to be applied are lists of recent community topics, shown on the corporate website’s support pages. This approach creates awareness for the community and sparks interest in participation - in other words, driving community activation. It will also support your brand by highlighting transparency and customer engagement.

Use case: community statistics

Another quick win is pulling live statistics from the inSided API and showing the number of users registered, posts made and questions answered. This will demonstrate the liveliness of your community platform and invite others to join the crowd.

Advanced integrations

Use case: service FAQ

In some cases, using unfiltered user-generated content could be unwise. You may require community content to be moderated or filtered before it can be injected into a channel. There are many ways to provide for this level of control, including preselecting content as labeled by your community management team. This could allow for a relevant selection of frequently asked question topics to be provided on your customer service portal.

Use case: communications hub

Another great example of leveraging the power of your community is by turning it into a CMS. Need announcements or incident communications to be shared across your customer-facing channels? Why not use the community as a hub for external communications, so customers can discuss issues within a controlled environment, and push announcements onto all digital touchpoints the customers could cross? This automatically aligns all external communications and provides for easy, centralized management of responses and continuous updates.

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