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  • 26 January 2018
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Customer communities as a standalone destination (i.e. structured like a forum) are only the beginning of what’s yet to come in online customer experience.

inSided believes in offering access to the community content on all places where the customer is. It does this by empowering users wherever they need information, inspiration, answers - or want to engage with you and each other. For this, you need to integrate the community across all digital touchpoints.

Main advantages

Put simply, there are two big advantages for integrating community content and access across all channels. Integrations can drive one advantage or the other - but often both at the same time.

Strengthening the community to achieve its full potential.
Increasing its visibility (discovery) and, in some cases, driving traffic (engagement) will allow your customer community to grow and flourish. Starting the conversation with and in between customers can only work if they can find the community. Referral traffic from owned channels can be as high as 82% for deeply integrated communities, or down to 12% acquired user traffic if there is little connection.

Leveraging the community by turning conversations into value.
A vibrant community is like a warm winter coat - keeping it inside doesn’t do it right. Integrating the community and its best user-generated content means you will take it outside so it can shine. This will further drive your business KPIs set for the community, such as call deflection, conversion or increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction (NPS).

So how does it work?

Inject relevant user-generated content (UGC) and smart community functionality into all your customer facing channels. It can extend your mobile apps, websites, search assistants and customer portals. Your community platform will thus allow you to connect with customers on a deeper level and accelerate your business, regardless of the channel your customers prefer to use. It will live wherever your customers are.

Let’s start

It all begins by establishing the right mindset among business stakeholders. It’s seeing your customer community not just as one destination to visit, but as a vast collection of valuable content which has the potential to help and influence customers everywhere. Then, expanding on the business goals set for the community, we can find opportunities to inject community pieces across your owned customer channels. Start examining the suggested quick-win use case examples for relevance and ease of implementation. Don’t hesitate to reach out for advice from your inSided consultant, and look for best practises from your peers on this community!

Table of contents

  1. The business value of conversations - spread the word!
  2. Creating static community references
  3. Injecting dynamic community content into your customer facing channels
  4. Using interactive community functionality
  5. How personalized integrations work
  6. Measuring integration success

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