“Mark As Answer”: an odd data export with beautiful insights

  • 22 December 2017
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The “Mark as answer” export in Insided Control is kind of an odd data export.
In all other exports, you select the time range when something showed up. For example a post, topic or registration. “Mark as answer” is the exception, because the time range you select when exporting this data is the time range when the actual marking has occurred. So neither the question nor the answer was created during that time, per se. If today you unmark an answer from 3 years ago in a topic from 3 years ago and mark another post in that 3 year old topic as an answer, it will show up in today’s “Mark as answer” export. Counterintuitive, right?

It's a shame the "Topic" export doesn't have the same interesting insights as "Mark as answer"
For topics where there wasn’t any marking of answers involved (in the timespan you select), we’re missing a lot of data that the ‘mark as answer’ export offers exclusively. For example the second post user role and the time between the first and second post. We’re also missing info about a topics lifecycle: was a topic started as a discussion but did it turn out to be an answerable question? Or was a question changed into a discussion? Not to mention the ideation lifecycle (which is less relevant to us because we don’t offer ideation in our community).

My idea for Insided: Enhance the topic export with the insights from the ‘mark as answer’ export.
What’s your opinion?

Thanks @ditte for triggering me to write this topic by posting this idea.

1 reply

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