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  • 8 April 2020
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Hi folks,

Wondering if there is any way to track the actual “last visit” and not just “last login” to the community?

Seems that “last login” only tells me when the credentials were entered last,

but for some users they are visiting more recently.

It would be good to know how often they really visit, even if they just read something and no activity is tracked.




3 replies

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Hi Jess,

thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

I think I understand what you are trying to achieve here, I understand that last login / last activity do not give you enough information on when (and how often) users visit the community e.g. just to search for / read content.

I am not sure if we are able to track this in a consistent way - but maybe @daniel.boon knows if something like this could be measured in any shape or form that it results in meaninful data for Community Managers?

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Hey @JessEs,

We do provide this data via our Salesforce/Gainsight/Mixpanel integrations, but we don’t currently have last visit tracking directly within our own platform.

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@daniel.boon - thanks, we are working on the integration already, so that is good news :)