How do you provide insights to your organization?

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you’re having a brilliant week!

I have a rather interesting/challenging OKR that I set myself a few months back. Here’s what it looks like:

Use data about our Community membership to provide the organization with actionable insight

Now, yes, it’s a poorly written objective - but this one is actually just for me and no one holds me accountable to it. The desire behind this was to make sure that the Community we’re building can demonstrably help us improve our business practices. I always felt it was something missing from my previous community strategies, and that it’s really vital for the long-term sustainability of any community. 

I have this weird and wonderful (I think? You tell me!) hope that:

  1. I’ll be able to match our Community members data from InSided with other systems our business uses
  2. By doing that, I’ll be able to understand who our members are, how they behave in our products - and what makes them different from someone who isn’t interested in being a part of the Community
  3. That when I’ve got all of that data, there’ll be a story in there somewhere that the business will find useful enough to change processes, strategies, ways of working.

As you can see, it’s all rather hopeful/experimental and as I embark on this adventure, I wanted to check in with you all to see how you use your community data to help your organization - beyond the typical “ROI” measures you’d find in the SPACES model.

Anyone out there doing this? Or am I just mad?

1 reply

Hey there! I’m browsing through everyone’s posts about tracking engagement performance and came across your post. Curious how things are going for you!

Weighing in on this, I’m in a similar space (but more so at the ‘scratching the surface’ point) in wanting to make sure that our community members’ data matches our other systems. Our community members are all users of our product, and the CSM team has assigned product personas to each user to customize their product experience. So far I’ve started by tracking our users personas with the custom roles in Insided and seeing which community members are joining and engaging based on that. Not sure what I’ll uncover necessarily, but I figure there’s a story somewhere in the data!