How do you measure co-creation value?

  • 12 December 2017
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How do you measure co-creation value to your organisation?

Of course showing a better or new improved product shows that it has value. But i'm looking for a model to show it with indicators. My company likes numbers 😉 Does anybody use a model?

3 replies

Great question Tanja,
Unfortunately, we are not doing co-creation yet, but I would love to try it out, so a model and some numbers would be great!
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Here’s some ideas:

- If you do ideation, you could measure the NPS of your products/services and your community.
- You could measure the visits and shares of the ideas and see them as ‘buzz’ around your brand.
- If you do pilots or user testing, you can measure how many bugs and errors you prevent in the next or final version and how many improvements you make. You can extrapolate that to how many customers would have called if you hadn’t made these changes, which can save a lot of money.
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What you measure around co-creation always depends on the goals of your company of course, and should track the success or added value that the co-creation has for you and your colleauges.

Jurgen already mentioned some quite interesting KPIs, maybe I can add some to that as well...

Looking at the KPIs, you can measure the following:

  • # of cases presented / ideas submitted
  • # of interactions (views, comments, likes, answers, votes, etc.)
  • # of improvements made
You can also look at the specific value to your Business, e.g.:

  • Money saved by researching on the community (e.g. money that would have been spend on research done by external companies otherwise)
  • Money saved in operational costs thanks to research (e.g. what Jurgen refers to as costs saved by catching bugs)
  • Money generated by improvements resulting out of your research
Especially the Business value can be hard to quantify. Here some creativity might be needed... If you can get more specific on the context of your co-creation efforts, maybe we can come up with some good ideas to measure it. :)