Trying to find percent 'responded' to by peer?

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I’m trying to find find percent 'responded' to by peer? (not ‘answered’)

The dashboard in Analytics seems to only measure topics that have a ‘best’ answer marked - and I want to know what percentage of our topics are responded to by other members even if not marked ‘best’ (we strive to not use internal staff to answer - so this is an important metric for us)
We have a customer engagement community and most of topics are conversations and don’t necessarily  have “best answers.”



@Anika Zubair  

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Hey @Julian or @Shane - maybe this is your area of expertise? Thank you! 

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Hi @Dorothyt 

I want to make sure I understand your question.

You are asking to report on questions WITHOUT replies marked as best answer.

Almost to expand the Success Dashboard to be.

  • Questions Asked
  • Questions Replied
  • Questions Answered
  • % Questions answered.
  • % Questions Replied by Peer
  • % Questions Answered by Peer


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I don’t believe there’s easy out of the box solution for this. Your best route is to use the export for API feed for posts.

Then, you could use email address (or a custom role if all your staff are marked with a custom role) to filter out the replies from staff. 

I’ve tried this myself and ran into a lot of difficultly, even considering myself fairly savvy with data and analysis. 

My data team was able to give me something like this based on their more sophisticated tools and skills. 

Sorry I don’t have an easy answer for you. I love the idea and I’d vote for it if it was an idea of something to add to the success dashboard. 

Relatedly: The % answered by peer metric we get out of the box is imperfect for your use case (and mine) because it only filters out admin accounts, not all staff. Please consider voting for this idea:


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Thanks for sharing your question here, also for sharing your feedback and thoughts @ddpancratz

I personally would do this different, namely by checking in a post export:

  1. Filter to only show topics created by a user that is a “registered user”
  2. Display the total amount of unique users with a role “registered user”

This should give you a % of topics that have seen engagement by other registered users. It actually also holds another interesting KPI as well: The average amount of unique (registered) users per topic. We used to measure and report on this as well, we labelled it “sense of community” (as more contributors per topic give a sense of a more active community). Let me know if you need support with preparing such a document. Ideally, you can keep the document with the calculation as it is, and then simply replace the export data every time you want to run these numbers.

@ddpancratz: I just want you to know that we know about this limitation (basically an “exclude” rule for certain roles in the filters). I am discussing this with the team working on the Dashboards and I hope that we will have an improvement coming soon!

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Thanks for the insight, @Julian. this is both helpful for my own analysis and knowing the team is aware of this limitation.