The origin of a view

  • 31 May 2022
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Hey there!

I wanted to better understand the origin of a view.

Here’s context for this to make more sense: When I look at our categories with the most views, does a view indicate:

  • a user viewed the category after searching for content?
  • Or does it mean they stumbled upon the content?
  • Or is there a way of knowing the “view origin”?

Thanks in advance for your insight! 



Best answer by Julian 1 June 2022, 11:41

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I think Google Analytics offers somewhat of an overview for what you are trying to learn more about. Under [Behaviour] - [Behaviour Flow] you will see the chart below. By default, it will start with the landing page where all users start their journey. But you can change this setting as well to filter it on other properties (unfortunately I do not have much knowledge about this).

You can also highlight certain flows by clicking on one of the boxes. In this example from inSpired, I selected a category to understand where users came from and where they went to afterwards.

Of course this gives an overview of all visits to this page, I think it is also possible to define and track segments. I am not an expert with this, but potentially you could filter then on different groups, e.g. Partners.

Hope this helps!