Post field analysis - Most used KPI

  • 31 January 2017
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Hello everyone,

At NOS community we are setting up the post field analysis. We would like to hear from you (that have more experience than us) regarding the best KPI and metrics 😃

Could you please give us some of our own examples? What are you measuring right now? Which metrics don´t work so well in terms of results?

Suggestions are very welcome 🆒

4 replies

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Hi Tomás,

At TomTom, we use the post field analysis on several type of reporting and analysis, but here are a few examples:

- post release reporting: after any product of software release, we track bug reports, change requests as well as general reviews. By using sentiment analysis on reviews, we can tell the teams involved on the issued project how welcomed it has been. Crossing sentiment and bug reports, helps us prioritizing the issues requiring fixes.

- feature requests reporting : looking at the data over the course of a few months gives us the opportunity to see most expected software improvements for our products and softwares.

- user sentiment & involvement analysis : crossing activity data with the tagged sentiment and post quality allows us to better assess engagement at a user level.

Hope it will give you some ideas ;)
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Hi William,

Thanks a lot for your input 🙂

There are some great ideas here for us to explore!

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Hi Tomas,
Good to hear you're getting started with Post Fields. It's an incredibly powerful tool! :)

As William said above we can measure many things with it. From a success point of view, we let the Post fields feature speak for itself :)

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Hi all,

Great to hear so many good tips and ideas for using post field analysis! @Tomas have you decided on how you will be using the tool?

Looking forward to hear your plans!

Here to help 😃