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  • 9 March 2023
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We are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary as a community. I am trying to create some user stats to share and tag some of our top users. I am running into the issue that many of the top things I can filter by currently are the same person (highest points, the highest number of replies, highest number solved, and most badges.)

Does anyone have other ideas we could use? 

4 replies

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Hi @KathrynMCarter 

I think it would also be worth looking at topic views. You could look at those topics with most individual views, and even the user with most total views.

A user with less articles but more views, could be determined to have provided more value. 

Do you have education programs, or online events where you can look at most certifications, most “improved”, user who attended most webinars. 

Just throwing out some ideas that may inSpire you. 

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@KathrynMCarter are you able to throw in silly acknowledgements? Here’s a couple of ideas,

  • Recognition for the community member who is the only one in the community to join from their country
  • Recognition for the community members who “virtually traveled” furthest from your company’s HQ (if your HQ is in Delhi and you have a member in Eureka they traveled the furthest to your community)
  • Recognition for inaugural members (members who joined the day your community launched)
  • The person who has asked the most questions
  • The person with the most visits to your community
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@security_lion Love these!! Thank you!!

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