Is there any way to look at how many Active Users?

  • 5 August 2020
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I’ve been using the User Dashboard in the Analytics section and I don’t see anything that tracks how many active users my community has. For example, does InSided have a baseline of monthly posts that classifies a user as an “Active User”? Or, is there a way to set a filter of monthly posts (say 10) and get a count of how many users have at least 10 posts for any given date range? Thank!

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This is actually one thing we are working on these days. We are busy reviewing the dashboards, but we will also add new analytics capabilities to measure monthly active users. As far as I know it will still take a couple of weeks until we are ready to release it, so stay tuned on more info on this!

Maybe you can share your own thoughts as what you would count as an active user? We see that the opinions vary a lot here. Some communities count a login already as an active user, while others even count a like or even a visit...

I personally think you can regard a user as active when they create a post. If you check the Success Dashboard, we there also show an (all-time!) activation funnel (bottom right corner). Here we have listed which activity levels we have defined:

You can actually also do a topic- and post-export of a month. Combine the two, create a pivot table to count the amount of content created per user. Then you can apply your threshhold of choice to see how many active users your community has seen this month.