How to view which users viewed a topic

  • 9 November 2023
  • 5 replies

Currently we can see the number of times a topic has been viewed. Is there a way to see which users viewed a particular topic?

5 replies

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As far I can know - no, there is possibility for that.

Can I ask why you would like to know it?

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I am looking for this too, we would use it for targeted engagement and interest in sub topics.  I heard this is something we should be able to do when the data update is released.

Thanks @revote! Similar to Juan, we’d like to use these insights to target our outreach on specific topics, such as our product roadmap.

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I am not sure but maybe it is possible to use some targeting / personalization tools for that?

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@bdrivas - Currently, this is not supported. Viewing a topic (to my understanding) is not recorded by the API as a user activity. A practical reason for this would be that if you have a public category that guest users can view, then it may become problematic to track and record views in this manner. I think that this would be something that would require a tracking script, like Google Analytics - but even then may require some additional back-end work to achieve.


@Aleksandra - would this be something that our Datalake or other enhancements in this area may be able to handle in the future?