How do you use post fields?

  • 9 February 2021
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Hey there! 😊


I wanted to start a conversation here to discuss with other community experts the use of post fields. 


I checked this post but I'd love to hear from you if/how you use post fields. My idea would be using mainly for Feature requests but it's always good to hear other use cases and see what could apply for my scenario too! :) 

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We don't track product specific post fields anymore because it takes a lot of time to manually fill in everything. Instead we ran a pilot to segment content to prove a few theories - how much of our content is specifically support related? How much of it is top users or staff engaging in support related vs general discussions? 

It was rather insightful! :)


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Hey @Ditte. Thanks so much for your message. I love the idea!


You mean like you label it “support” or “product” (or something like that)?

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These are the use cases for post fields that I have been part of so far:

Finding the “Solution rate” benchmark:
We created a post field “Can this question be solved?” with the options “Yes” and “No”. For about a month the moderators filled out this field in every question. And after that we knew that we can’t solve every question, but around 80% of the questions are solvable. So this became the benchmark for the solution rate we want to achieve.

Monitoring contact reasons:
We created a post field “What kind of issue has the customer?” with several options like “Billing”, “App not working”, “Cancel contract” or “Registration”. In every question the post field has to be filled in order to get a regular statistic about the reasons (pain points) why the customers come to the community.

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A use case which I loved to use post fields for: Flag content for my internal reporting.

I often was looking for a really good quote which would describe product feedback / bug reports in the best way - but it was super annoying to find back the best quote amongst hundreds of posts.

So I made it a habit while moderating to scan for high-quality content and tick boxes for the reports I might want to include it in later. This improved the quality, but also reduced the time (and stress) I had to invest to find good annecdotes that get the point across.

Together with some other post fields, e.g. sentiment or even comment quality, I was able to drill down deeply and get exactly what I needed in minutes instead of hours. :)

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Hey @Ditte. Thanks so much for your message. I love the idea!


You mean like you label it “support” or “product” (or something like that)?

Very specifically we set it up as follows:

Title: Post Type

Placeholder: “Is this a support request?”

Visible: everywhere

Multi select drop down:

  1. Support Request (user)
  2. Additional Information (user)
  3. General conversation (any)
  4. Peer assisting
  5. Company assisting

I hope that helps :)

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That's perfect! Thank you, everyone! 🤩