Community Health Index

  • 15 November 2023
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I really like this idea - community health index - wish something like this was built into the system.

I looked over this document from Lithium and was hoping there is something similar with InSided.

Community Health Index for Online Communities is there something I can show my management team?

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We used Khoros before and still remember something about CHI. Platform calculated it using several metrics; how often members are posting, how quick they response, how much traffic there is etc. I cant remember exactly but I think that there was also some metric what was calculated using some (unknown) algorithm.

CHI itself is calculated with some unknown algorithm also.

I used to check what was our CHI but I remember that I didnt like it as a KPI. Maybe because there was several factors behind it. I like straight forward KPI’s 😃

But basically, you can build your own CHI if you like!

Edit: I just noticed that you have added dokument to the attachments 🙂