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  • 14 January 2021
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Hi there,


Was wondering how we can understand if a topic moved to a different category. At the moment, if I have a topic as a ‘Question’ and then gets moved to ‘Article’ I have no way of understanding they are connected and that the 1st one should be ‘deprecated’. Is there anyway in the API I can assess this?

4 replies

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Hi @catiasilvestre so there’s no way by default to determine the previous category of a topic via the API, if a topic is moved to a different category this would then result in you seeing an updated categoryId value in any API calls. A way to do this could be via manual moderation tagging of the topics you wish to move:


Depending on what your overall bigger project is, you could manually mark a topic as ‘deprecated’ with a moderator tag. This would then make it findable / searchable via the API using the main search endpoint:


However if you wish to refer back to the specific category that the topic was in before moving, you could also set this as a moderator tag too? The moderator tags aren’t visible on the front end, just in control and via the API.

Maybe @Julian or @Daniel might approach this differently however though? 

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I am unfortunately not entirely sure if I understand the use case well enough. Do I understand it correctly that you, for analytics purposes, would like to know if you can identify / link datapoints together from content that has been:

  • moved to a different category on your community, or
  • converted in their content type from a question to an article

I have not double checked the behaviour, but I think the topic ID should remain the same, even if you change the category, the content type or even the topic title.

I am a bit confused as well by that you want to identify content to be depreceated - I assume you mean that in the context of your analytics? Because none of these actions would actually result in duplicate content on your community itself - this only happens if you select “copy topic” in the topic moderation page.

I hope that this will help you further!

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Hi @Julian,

Really sorry, should have given an example here.

We have a conversation with topic id = 601 and is now an article, with topic id = 298. My problem here is when this change happened, nothing on the data I receive from the API lets me know on Conversation with topic id = 601 that this doesn’t ‘exist’ anymore and that is now an article of topic_id = 298. Does this make sense?


We could do what @tom.shaddock is suggesting but this introduces the possibility of someone forgetting to add the tag and then I report twice the same topic, under different categories. So I thought that maybe just comparing titles, content and created timestamps for the 3 different topics existing might resolve the issue, if I then pick up the one that has the most recent modified timestamp.


EDIT: Don’t think my idea works as the reply I get is associated with the previous topic id and type. :sweat: Also, thought of just checking which one had the later replies ingested but the only timestamp on reply is `repliedAt` and as most ingests just look at latest days of data, if a topic is moved for example 1 month after the replies, then an ingest will never pick this up. 


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Hi there,


Was wondering if anyone could let me know how can I find out if a topic has been deleted through the API? I’m trying to ingest all the data at the moment but we have 24k questions so it is not feasable to do it. I’ve noticed for my problem we have webhooks that return topics that changed from Conversations to Articles and so on, but I don’t seem to find anything telling me a topic has been deleted...