When does active since last visit reset?

  • 3 August 2020
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Does anyone know when the menu item ‘Active since last visit’ resets?


Is there a way that Members can reset their ‘Active since last visit’?

Our members are reporting that they belive it only clears if they log out of the community, and many of them prefer to stay logged in.


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It is true that this only resets when a logout happened. So when they keep all their tabs open all the time (which, admittedly, I also do) it could be that it is not updating the way it is supposed or expected to.

I think it is a challenge to measure visit in another way that is as reliable. I also remember some other community where the superusers did not like how this works. I'll share the feedback with the product team.

What you could do: Change the phrase of this button to be more specific what it does: "activity since last login". This will help to manage expectations, unfortunately there is no other way to tweak this.

Another tip: Depending on how smooth your login/logout process is, they could also quickly do these steps to update the list. All other tabs will reload in realtime when a logout/login happens to stay up-to-date with permissions.