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  • 16 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Is there a way to know exactly how many points do each user have (not by brackets of ‘ranks’ but the exact number of points) and all the users at one (not clicking every user information in on individual basis)

2 replies

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Hi Gabriela,

thanks for sharing your question here. Currently this is not possible, however it is something that is on the radar of the product team.

I'd recommend to vote and subscribe/comment this idea, as this is the point where updates are shared and discussion takes place.

We constantly implement popular and valuable ideas from our community, so every vote counts and hopefully this will be added soon as there is a clear need for this!

Hi @Julian, is it possible to have the points that each user has be shown on their profile?

I know that you have the Points-Based Leaderboard, which is related but not exact.

My thinking would be to have a user Ex: BobZ and when we click on their profile in their “About” section you can see how many points they have.