User Profile Best Practices: What profile fields do you have setup to foster user-to-user engagement?

  • 12 March 2021
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Fellow community managers, 

Which user profile fields are you most proud of? Which help inspire peer-to-peer connections and provide valuable context for your community? 

I’m looking to add more personalization and more of a human touch to our user profiles. 

3 replies

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If you have a service-oriented community, then it might be helpful to have profile fields for information a moderator / peer usually has to know in order to be able to help. For example, if you have a software company, you might need to know the customer’s OS or hardware. For more engaging profile fields: If you are a music streaming service, you can ask your users about their favourite songs / albums. This could not only help users to connect with each other, but it can also give moderators an opportunity to use this information within a conversation in order to make it more personal.


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Definitely agreed there!

As another example, if you’re running an energy related community, then fields such as what (smart) meters/in-home displays you have can prove extremely useful - as can whether you’ve got a single-phase or three-phase supply. Details like this can be tricky to figure out and remember - but they can also help other users to offer the right advice. You could also throw in an option for users to share a nickname, if there’s one they like to be called instead of their username.

But on top of that, there might be the odd user who likes to have some fun with their profiles. Thanks to a bug for example, I’ve currently got the world’s longest forum profile. inSided are currently fixing that bug, but I wonder if they’d let me keep mine as-is, since I’m used to it now...

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@bjoern_schulze and @Blastoise186, thanks for sharing use cases and examples.