The Superuser management one pager from InSpired Innovation Lab, May 2018

  • 5 June 2018
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What are we looking for? Look at community goals
· Regular, impactful activity (likes and answers – check your data)
· Constructive criticism (it’s OK to disagree, if there’s an alternative solution presented)
· Helpfulness and kindness vs advocacy and brand evangelists

How do we reach out?
· Pick a specific post, and start your praise from there
· Make them feel important – appreciate their knowledge (@Mention is great for this)
· Ask for their advice – manage expectations

How do we know they’re right for us?
· Check their support contacts – how do they approach your service personnel?
· Stalk their social media – are they 🙂 or 😞 ?
· The ‘beer test’ – Do you look forwards to hanging out with this person for an hour?
· Gut feeling and intuition – trust it

How do we make them “official”?
· Public / formal - or - Private / hidden?
· Closed area (controlled with role)
· Start with at least 3 users
· A Non Disclosure Agreement will make your business sponsors less stressed

How do we keep them engaged?
· Value their insights and ideas – but remember to manage expectations
· Make friends - get to know them as people, not just superusers
· Someone is MIA (monitor activity)? Reach out, respect and assist where you can

What could be the benefits of the Superuser program for our users?
· Something to aspire towards (If it’s a formal/open program)
· ‘Guaranteed’ assistance out of office hours
· Knowledge sharing

What could be the on-going activities?
· Celebrate milestones (1000 posts, 100 likes, 100 answers)
· Calendar celebrations (Holidays, birthdays etc.)
· Regular video chats (with or without agenda)
· On-site / face to face meetings

Final tips:
· Always be honest, transparent, and genuine. Be you
· Never demand – give options and suggestions
· “Top” users are not per default “super” users
· An official program is a good way to recognize top users for their activity

Always remember that your Superusers are very different, but have you in common. What works very well for one, may not work at all for someone else.

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