Tag members for moderators

  • 18 October 2019
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Is it possible to tag members for moderators to keep track of interesting people for gamification purposes?


4 replies

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We are currently doing this by using “Analytics” and manual curation.

In “Analytics” → “User dashboard “Top Members” we create a report based on the time frame and the filters we define. We then manually comb through the list to identify the users we want to keep track of or we want to initiate a first personal contact with. We manually put their user names and other information into external excel lists.

Another way to achieve a similar result could be to use the “Export” function in “Analytics”. You could do a full user export in a chosen time frame and then open the export locally to filter and sort through the list manually.

How do you keep track of development over time etc @bjoern_schulze? And how are your routines for updating and being updated on these exports?


I think it sounds like a hassle, but I might be mistaken? 


I would prefer it if there was a possibility to track this on the backend of the community itself.

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It’s definitely a workaround and a hassle to manually compare development over time. The exports are done manually, there is no know automated process to get exports sent to you.

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I’d like to resurface this question! 
Since the badges automations are limited it would be great to be able to keep track of users as moderators! In order to fairly award manual badges.