Super User Questions: Automatic Adds & Benefits of the role

  • 19 March 2021
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As far as I can tell from documentation on user roles, there’s no automatic way to add a super user role. Is that correct?  


It also seems that the benefits / use case of the role is granting users the ability to mark the correct answer on posts. What else am I missing? 

My real problem: I want to give contributing users a special Rank above some of our other ranks. It’s based on them leading one of our groups or being a contributing author to our Knowledge Base (a whole other challenge, please vote for the idea below).

But because Rank rules require either a set volume of topics/replies OR some other criteria, I can’t even build the rank to add manually. So using a user role like super user (which I can do manually per-user) is my likely solution to be able to 1.) create the rank, and 2.) automate someone getting that rank based on their role. If you have a better solution, please share!


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5 replies

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These are interesting questions, thanks for raising it here! You were wondering what the special rights of a Superuser are. Next to marking solutions, these users will automatically be whitelisted for the spam check. Other than that, there are no bigger differences (currently).

If I understand everything correct, then I think you should simply created a rank that users can only receive when they have the primary role Superuser. Then change the primary role of the users you want to be part of this group.

I understand when you would like to automate that some users receive special rights based on their activity. For some things this is also no problem (e.g. rights to view or create content in certain categories). For the role Superuser however, Community Managers usually don’t want to leave this over to an automated system. I know many communities where detractors also show very high activity levels, and Community Managers would never count them as part of their Superusers. So, making a user a Superuser is kind of a special reward, and it is always also taking into account the sentiment of / level of trust in a specific user.

As mentioned, you can surely automate some permissions like category rights or edit time with custom roles. So there is also something you can do with that, it sounds like you are also interested in co-creation, I think you might be able to work on users automatically being able to participate in co-creation when they reached a certain activity level.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, @Julian. You helped answer my question and validated my solution for using a role to link to a specific rank. 

Question about this: 

I think you might be able to work on users automatically being able to participate in co-creation when they reached a certain activity level.

What co-creation options are you referring to? I’d love to know more. 

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I am not a big expert in this subject to be honest, as I never used the community for this extensively. But I am sure there are others who I could find to share more about this.

In my last community, I had a special (hidden) area where me and the Superusers (but it can be any user expert you like, essentially) collaborated on e.g. user-generated FAQs. These, once finished, would be published (as Conversation) in the public part by a Superuser (and then converted to an article). We often promoted those on the homepage or within categories. Superusers appreciated to be in the spotlight like this.

Another use case was that I published upcoming announcements & how-to’s and have some users proofread them in order to make them a better fit for the community. This way I can prevent confusion, improve the tone of voice and of course the users love to be involved and heard like this.

The detailed use case is depending on the context of your community and your goals, but usually you can always find a way to involve and reward engaged users by collaborating on smaller communication pieces.

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Not sure this is the best place to put this, so feel free to move this comment.

I’d like super users to have a few more moderation rights - not access to the mod console, but options to change things on the front end. 

I have employees who want to edit tags, edit titles, and move topics to different forum categories. I realize the moving might be tough, but the edit options would be great. These employees aren’t mods, and don’t want that level of responsibility - but they want to help with keeping things clean. 

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Totally copy this: I have customers that frequently tag me asking if I can add/change tags for them, that is something I’d expect for them to be able to do themselves (and they expect it too). Any way we could see this coming @Julian?