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  • 22 April 2021
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I might be missing it but is there no way to manage rank with a variable of page views? Or is the only option Visits/Logins (essentially sessions). I would expect their frequency of visits to also be a factor in rank.

For example, I might expect some folks in my community to be passive lurkers who visit frequently and engage with content but not through actions like making topic posts. These could be signals of their potential for engagement and opportunities there to encourage them via rank to become active.


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This is indeed not possible, currently. I know this is an option with other platforms, and I generally also would be in favor of such an improvement. Some Community Managers argue as well that viewing a topic can also be counted as engagement and define their “active users” metric also via pages viewed. It could help to further segment your users as well.

To play devils advocate here, it is not as “fair” as a reward for activity as the other current metrics we use. Users who have an account but browse the community while not being logged will have a disadvantage compared to users that logged in. This could render such a metric for ranks to be an unwanted bias to your gamification.