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  • 2 December 2016
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How to create the right gamification strategy for your community

Daniel Vargas Gómez

Games definitely can make your content more fun. But before you start, keep this question in mind: what’s the game that you want your members to play?

To create the right gamification strategy for your business Daniel gives us some MAJOR advice. Here are some top takeaways:

  • Always have a topic that’s relevant to your top users.
  • Get your objectives straight.
  • Be aware of activation become harder if you have only organic traffic going towards your community. Because it means you’re throwing
    in many lurkers. Even if your targeting to 30% of your
    community, it’s better to reach those then to go and try to aim for 100%-which is almost
  • Therefore, go to your marketing department and ask them for in-depth data on customer and prospect segmentation. This way you can deliver quality traffic to your community and target your audience much better.
  • No mysteries! Always be clear. Do you want peer to peer support? Always be straight. Do your
    ranks change? Do your badges change? Always, always let your audience know.
  • Never let a game go on and on. Even if there are follow ups. Take a maximum of 12 months.
    Otherwise your community can feel stagnant. Even to your top users.
  • Never go beyond 8 badges in your community.
  • The user needs to see progress within ranking.

Our question to you: what’s the best game you played and in which community was that?

And ofcourse, why 😉

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I really love the gamification in the WAZE navigation app on iOS! They combine two different types of gamification elements.
Helpful contributions: They reward for real contributions that help others, such as;
  • Signalling or confirming roadwork, potholes or other obstructions on the road
  • Signalling or confirming traffic jams, speed camera's etc.
  • Adding pictures of destinations
In-app gaming elements: They reward for fun activity in the app, such as;
  • Driving mileage during day, during night, during weekdays, during weekends etc.
  • Coverage of the map you travelled (ie: 'you travelled 10% of the Netherlands')
  • Gathering coins on the map while you drive
  • Adding fun information like a picture of your home etc.
I think the combination is great, because next to helping other people it is also about plain fun!
The only weak point is transparency: No mysteries! Always be clear. Do you want peer to peer support? Always be straight. Do your ranks change? Do your badges change?Always, always let your audience know.
It is not always clear how you can grow as a user and that can frustrate the more advanced users.
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Does anyone already have experience with Google Local Guides! gamification?
I really liked the onboarding and the follow up emails, they explain the gamification elements in a straightforward way:

PS: Sorry for the Dutch language in the images 😞
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@wieger This is super helpful link, after the event on thursday we are re thinking gamification and badges to ensure we try and get it right and more relevant to what our users would like/want. Thanks for sharing. Darran