Praise for private messages!

  • 5 June 2020
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Just want to share some appreciation for existing functionality, in particular the ability to trigger private messages with rank changes and badges! 

About a month ago, we added some new and/or revised messages, and I love how some members respond to the PMs as if they are truly personalized messages. It gives me a chance as a community manager to actually respond directly and make more of a personal connection. 


2 replies

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We had similar good experience with a badge a few months ago. We created a badge “Super-User Alumni” and gave it out to every former super-user, no matter how long they’ve been inactive since their active time in the community. About half of them replied, everyone was very appreciative.

Can you tell us a bit more about what rank changes or badges you used to trigger a PM and what the PM was saying?

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I love the idea you shared for re-engaging Super Users, and I’m totally going to steal it!

We revamped our welcome email that goes out to new registrants to include three calls to action, and it seems to be resonating. The calls to action include 1) a link to our product news category and the recommendation to Subscribe, 2) a link to a post in the Networking category that encourages them to introduce themselves, and 3) a link to a community article that explains more ways for them to engage.

We added a rank that is assigned after a user posts their first reply or new post. This triggers a PM that just says, “Hi! I'm so glad to see you starting to post on the Gainsight Community! If you have any feedback on how to make the community an even better resource for you, please let me know.” As simple as this is, I’m getting a decent number of responses. 

We’re also planning to record a short thank you video from our full-time community manager and myself, and include it in a PM that’s tied to a rank change when they’ve posted at least 5x and replied 10x.