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Does anyone know how to get a list of all users with a certain badge? On the Badge page I can view the number of users with that badge but I can’t drill down to see which users. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere in the analytics to locate or export this information either. 


Best answer by Blastoise186 9 April 2021, 21:14

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Yup, this should indeed be possible, as per an idea post from a while ago at 

Head into Users > User Overview and then filter using the Badge you’re interested in. This should give you a complete list of everyone who has that particular Badge. Without using the API, this is the easiest option.

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Thank you @Blastoise186 for answering all of my questions! 

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No worries @Christa Brown , glad to help. :)

If you ever need any help again, definitely stop by and we’ll help you out. Could you fill out your forum profile when you get chance though? I often make use of it when I’m answering questions, since it can provide some extra clues.