Is there a way to auto-assign roles? Either with a set of rules or the SFDC or Zapier integration?

  • 13 December 2021
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Hi All,

I’m looking for any information about auto-assigning various custom roles based on a relatively simple set of conditions. Generally whether the user is an employee, a customer, or a public user.

Our org is using the Salesforce integration and Zapier but haven’t been able to find anything to even tell me it’s possible or not.


Your help and insights are appreciated!



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My previous company did that using our CRM and the API. To my knowledge, that’s the only way it’s possible. 

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I’ve set this up with Zapier currently. The trigger being a new user detected in InSided starts the Zap which then makes the contact a staff member provided the email address has the correct domain and a standard community member if not via a webhook that uses the InSided API. (We then have other logic adding the correct contacts the role of Customers.)
TBH I’d love to see a role be the default and some basic logic built into the custom roles!

Note: We use default role email not verified permissions to ensure that someone that enters a fake email with our domain do not have rights they shouldn’t.