Is it possible to exclude some custom roles for gamification, points and badges?

  • 24 November 2021
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I may have done this wrong, but I made some changes recently, changing the primary role of former colleagues to ‘registered user’ thus making sure the only people with back end permissions where the current community team. 


These colleagues all have a custom ‘Retired Moderator’ role attached, which I’ve set so that it’s clear their posts were once from company staff.


The issue now is that they’re included in the points leaderboard. It seems to be based on primary role, and I can’t find an option in the custom role or rank to exclude members from points. 


Anything I’ve missed? 


Best answer by Scott Baldwin 24 November 2021, 22:12

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2 replies

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For ranks, you can select the roles ranks apply to using the ANY or ALL drop downs under How to get this rank within each rank. 

Badges can’t be tied to roles, only community activities. 

For points, you can exclude them from the leaderboard via the widget. There’s a section under Users within the widget where you can exclude certain roles. 

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Spot on, thank you, Scott!