Include moderators on the Leaderboard

  • 30 August 2019
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Include moderators on the Leaderboard
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The leaderboard is designed to display the users who have received the most likes in the last seven days. This is done as a recognition for their dedication to your community and the great work they're doing there!

By default; Administrators, Community Managers, and Moderators are not shown in the widget and this cannot be changed in the default leaderboard. This is purposely done to stop the leaderboard from being filled with moderators.

We have received questions from some of you regarding the options to include moderators on the leaderboard, as this option fits better with your community management strategy.

This is indeed possible to achieve and there are two ways to do it:

1️⃣In order to have the power users included in the leaderboard their primary role needs to be changed from moderator to registered user. Once this is done, you can still give them access to the control environment by assigning a custom role to them with the right permissions. To refresh your memory on custom roles, please visit this article - Custom user roles - overview of permissions and what they do.

2️⃣The second option is to create a custom sidebar widget to highlight these specific users/moderators. This option has a downside, as it will need to be updated manually, whenever you want to highlight a new user. This is how to do it:

  • in Control, under Side Widgets you have the option to choose for a HTML Block.
  • you will have the option to create your own title e.g. Top X Community Helpers
  • in the content field, html code can be added to list the users

If including moderators on the Leaderboard is something you find important and aligns with your strategy, give these options a try and we hope they will help you further achieve your community goals!

Any questions you might have, you know where to find us -

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