How do you run product/feature beta groups in your B2B SaaS community?

Hi there!

I’m hoping to find some inspo around how to launch and structure our company’s beta program on Insided. Beta groups to date have been run differently depending on the product manager and nothing is streamlined (great opportunity to make an impact and streamline!)

This is also a great opportunity to build buy-in and prove the value of our community to our product team. 

Is anyone willing to share how they structured their first beta group? 

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We use hidden groups for our betas. Each beta is setup, PMs invite their users using an invite link, and run the beta. If PMs need access to the backend to manage feedback, we provide that to the PM, but typically they push to Productboard. Post beta we remove users, award badges for participation, etc.

Great to see you here, Scott. Thanks for sharing how you run things at Productboard! This is definitely how I’d like to see it happening at HiBob - PMs running it completely independently!